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Our software combines trading, risk, and financial management effortlessly in one user-friendly application. With a UX-driven design, you have the freedom to opt for a complete end-to-end solution or choose specific functions that align with your needs, offering a personalized and efficient experience.

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“I like it how Hermes makes it effortless for us to navigate, record and handle data. Its user-friendly system allows us to easily transact and stay organized. Additionally, Hermes offers wide range of functionalities and features, such as data monitoring, analytics, report generation, document storage, which are vital for our day-to-day operations.”


Jocel P.

Credit and Collection Officer


Risk Management Assessment

Our CTRM solution seamlessly integrates your trading with risk management functionalities, empowering users to execute trades, monitor market conditions, and assess the associated risks of your trades.

Decision-makers have a holistic view of their trading portfolios through the most relevant analysis of Mark to Market, Profit and Loss, Contract Positions, Long and Short, and much more, enabling informed choices.

Customizable Reporting and Dashboards

Reports tailored for the company needs. Our CTRM software provides customizable dashboards and reporting tools, offering a clear and concise overview of trading activities, risk exposures, and account receivables.



Improved Contract and Invoice Management

Simplify your core business management, automate document generation, and take command of Contracts and Invoice workflows with advanced automation and pricing calculation. Manage multiple premiums and discounts, handle freights, conversions, and more, ensuring the comprehensive flexibility you need.

Control Cash Flow

Take control of your cash flow with our robust Accounts Receivables Management System. Easily track and manage outstanding payments, and maintain a clear overview of your receivables. Timely collections mean a healthier bottom line for your commodity trading business.



Storage and Inventory Tracking

Hermes Tech incorporates intelligent Inventory Tracking mechanisms using the contract's business rules, and transport documents, enabling real-time monitoring of stock levels, storage locations, and commodities quantity changes, enhancing accuracy in forecasting.

Easy-to-use Workflows

Reliable routine tasks include all the core information about your trading operations: counterparties, contracts, invoices, storage, logistics, and shipments. Centralizing all the information in our software will reduce manual errors and enhance operational efficiency, with automated workflows covering trade execution, documentation, and compliance, we allow you to focus on strategic decision-making rather than waste time on administrative tasks.


We understand the unique challenges you face, and we are here to provide solutions tailored to your needs.


Hermes can improve your productivity by at least 5 times compared to traditional spreadsheet-based processes.


Our software streamlines and automates end-to-end operations, reducing the risk of mistakes and increasing efficiency.


Centralize your operational knowledge in our software to reduce the risk of losing essential information.


Our user-friendly solution streamlines your daily processes with intuitive interfaces and automated workflows.

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