SIMPLIFY your Commodity Trading & Risk Management

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Trading, operational, and financial management for physical commodities traders in one place.

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We had experience with other CTRMs but HERMES was the best, we were able to personalize it to our needs and now we're performing our day to day activities up to 75% times faster.


HERMES CTRM is a cutting-edge software that enhances commodity trading efficiency while minimizing operational risks.

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Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on what matters most.

Our user-friendly web app simplifies every aspect of the trading lifecycle, providing real-time trade capture, position management, risk analysis, and accounting settlement. Gain a comprehensive and accurate view of your positions with our feature-packed suite.

With customizable end-to-end solutions, Hermes Tech embraces your workflow, helping you with integrations, reducing operational risk, making informed decisions, and maximizing profitability.

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Explore our customers' feedback on how Hermes Tech CTRM software enhances their daily experiences, effectively tackling challenges with efficiency and satisfaction.


Bringing innovation to commodity  trading

About us

Our mission is to deliver cutting-edge technology at an affordable price to commodity traders who want to upscale their business.

We fundamentally believe that by prioritizing your core business and minimizing time spent on administrative tasks, you can outpace your competition and achieve remarkable growth.

We gather a team with vast and deep technology expertise to be your long-term partner. From the very beginning to every step along the way, Hermes Tech stands by your side, ensuring that you can always rely on us.

Whatever your challenge is, we are ready to help you solve it through tech

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